Packaging is one of the most essential parts for the branding of the product. It is through packaging that your customers can distinguish between your product and other products. The companies nowadays put huge amounts of time on preparing the best packaging for their product but now there are other ways created for packaging solutions which can save tons of money yet still fulfill the purpose of promoting your brand and product. These packaging solutions are called packaging sleeves.

The purpose of packaging sleeves is to provide the same unique look for the product but in less price. These packaging sleeves can be put on any type of packaging box. Packaging sleeves are available in all sizes but they are mostly used on rectangular shaped packaging products.  It doesn’t matter if you need custom cardboard box packaging sleeves, we have them all at Viveprinting USA. Viveprinting have wholesale sleeve boxes USA at economical prices. If you want to buy these packaging sleeves then do visit our website at